The digital Young Curators Academy (YCA) is here!

The digital YCA is an artistic and activist platform to discover alliances, research affinities, and consolidate solidarities. Intersectional makers––artists, thinkers, writers, curators––take part in the Academy’s workshops and develop personal strategies to activate their communities. The focus will fall on care and repair, planetary consciousness, and the search for new forms of international cooperation and joint artistic practice. The program is aimed at those who enable new lines of flight across patriarchal and geopolitical boundaries.

In 2021, the digital YCA will also respond to the world after the intervention by the pandemic. How does the absence of presence change resistance, activism, art, and communication? And how can we be together if we are not?

Starting from 10 August, the extensive digital programme of lectures, videos and discussions will be open to everyone.

Access the archive here.

Young Curators Academy
Public Programme
10 Aug – 17 Sep 2021

A project by Maxim Gorki Theater, Berlin
Directed by Ong Keng Sen

Hosted by Ong Keng Sen, Silke Bake and Erden Kosova
Digital production by Rabelle Ramez Erian

Curatorial support by Anne Diestelkamp
In collaboration and with the support of T:>Works International Curators Academy

Aug 10, 11, 1pm CET / 7pm SGT / 7am ET
Aug 12, 3pm CET / 9pm SGT / 9am ET

This event has concluded.

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