Fear of Writing (2011)

Kathy Lai (Chairperson), Noorlinah Mohamed, Ong Keng Sen,
Mok Wei Wei, Mahesh Asrani, Suriani Suratman

Board of Directors

Ong Keng Sen
Artistic Director

Traslin Ong
Executive Director

Ong Soo Mei

Rachel Wong
Communications and Engagement Executive

Shania Saudah Yusof
Grants and Development Executive

Jeffrey Kang
Digital Projects Executive

Charlotte Tan
Education and Outreach Intern

Jeverey Chiang
Communications and Engagement Intern

Rosalyn Zaldua / 1 – Bureau Pte Ltd
Financial Support

Available Position

Communications and Engagement Executive
(Please submit your application by 31 May 2024)

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