A Public Conversation: "The People Cultures Of A National Theatre"

7 March 2024, 7.30–9pm
@ 72-13, Home of T:>Works

Event to be followed by supper.

The Season of Thought Leadership: in the Arts, by the Arts, with the Arts is a year-long endeavour spotlighting thought leadership in the arts.

Kicking off the season is a collaborative public conversation “The people cultures of a national theatre”, featuring panelists Alfian Sa’at, Resident Playwright of Wild Rice, Medli Dorothea Loo, actress and theatre-maker, Kavitha Krishnan, Co-founder of Maya Dance Theatre (MDT) and Diverse Abilities Dance Collective (DADC), and it will be moderated by T:>Works Artistic Director, Dr. Ong Keng Sen. The conversation will include respondents who are active voices in the Singapore arts community — Ho Tzu Nyen, visual artist, theatre-maker and filmmaker, and Deborah Arunditha Emmanuel, performance artist and writer.

24-Hour Playwriting Competition Dramatised Reading 2024

Saturday, 3 February 2024, 3pm–5pm
@ 72-13, Home of T:>Works

T:>Works celebrates the winners of the 24-Hour Playwriting Competition 2023 with a gathering of past participants, friends and fellow theatre makers in an afternoon filled with captivating narratives and happy camaraderie.

There will be staged readings of four select winning scripts from the 24-Hour Playwriting Competition 2023 guided by established theatre practitioners Chong Tze Chien, Tan Shou Chen, and Jean Tay and supported by thespians Serene Chen, Sindhura Kalidas, Yazid Jalil, Ching Shu Yi, Julie Wee, Darren Guo, and Edward Choy.

Postcritical Spirituality: Pecha Kucha + Community Mixer

Saturday, 11 November 2023, 7.30pm–9.30pm
@ 72-13, Home of T:>Works

Since May, Per°Form CoThink Lab Fellow Opens has invited artists, academics, and activists invested in spiritual knowledges and practices to participate in Critical Spirituality, a programme series examining the place(s) of the spiritual in the contemporary world.

Opens gathers some of its collaborators once again for Postcritical Spirituality, an evening of Pecha Kucha micro-presentations followed by a free-and-easy community mixer.

Speakers: Parashar Kulkarni, Meli Chan Lee, Jireh Koh, An Ding, Arunditha Emmanuel, and Joshua Comaroff.


Lethal Fantasies: Chrysalis

Saturday, 21 October 2023, 8pm–2am

@ 72-13, Home of T:>Works

Join Bussy Temple, T:>Works’ newest Per°Form CoThink Lab Fellow, at Lethal Fantasies, their recurring party series to platform femme and nonbinary DJs and artists within Southeast Asia’s vibrant contemporary electronic dance music scene.

In Lethal Fantasies: Chrysalis, aspects of femininity beyond power and seduction will be explored. Into the gory, undesirable, and eerie, through soundscapes from Teya Logos, Puppy Ri0t, rempit G0ddE$$, Suhsi, Metamoksha, nydthakid and performances by XUE, Sonia, and Divya.

Graphic design credits: JJ Low @arcaneomorph

Critical Spirituality Series - Ecstatic Initiations: Sound Through Shamanism

Thursday, 5 October 2023, 7.30pm
@ 72-13, Home of T:>Works

Sound is an essential element of the shamanisms practiced in indigenous cultures around the world, and continues to be an indispensable tool for neo-shamanic practitioners today. For the shaman, sonic techniques and technologies can open a multitude of dimensions within the self and the other, helping practitioners access altered states of consciousness, facilitate methods of healing and divination, and enable translocal and interspecies forms of communication.

In this workshop-presentation, Arunditha Emmanuel discusses the role of sound in shamanism and its possible intersections with contemporary music-making and creative processes. The evening will conclude with an intuitive sound performance-demonstration by Arunditha and collaborating artist-musician Anise.


Thursday–Sunday, 10–13 August 2023, 8pm
Saturday & Sunday, 12 & 13 August 2023, 3pm
@ 72-13, Home of T:>Works

  • General Admission: $38
  • Concession: $28 (NSFs, full-time students, and seniors 55 years and up)
  • NTUC Members: $34
  • King‘s Opening Night Party on 10 August 2023: $88

Rating & Age limit: R18 (Restricted to persons age 18 years and above)

tells a story of Geok Yen, a public relations executive who seemingly has it all – a stable job and a boyfriend who is about to propose. But one fateful office party, her safe stable life gets upturned when on impulse, she attends the party in the guise of a man, Stirling da Silva. Emboldened by the alter ego, Yen discovers a newfound confidence to speak her truth, and be whatever she could be without self-judgement. 

Trojan Woman

Wednesday–Friday, 9–11 August 2023, 7.30pm
Edinburgh International Festival

In a remarkable achievement that unfolded earlier this month, the spotlight shone brightly on our Artistic Director, Dr. Ong Keng Sen, as he staged Trojan Women at the renowned Edinburgh International Festival with the National Changgeuk Company of Korea.

Conceived and directed by Dr. Ong Keng Sen, with collaborators K-Pop producer and composer Jung Jae-il, pansori master Ahn Sook-sun, set designer Cho Myung-hee, lighting designer Scott Zielinski, costume designer Kim Moo-hong, video designer Austin Switser, and over 25 singers, actors, and musicians —Trojan Women not only celebrated the art of theatre but also underscored its power to provoke thought and stir the soul.

24-Hour Playwriting Competition 2023

Saturday–Sunday, 15–16 July 2023, 11am–11am

Figment Club House (11 Lorong 24A Geylang)

Youth Category: 15–18 years old
Open Category: 19 years and above

$55/- (inclusive of meals)

The much loved, annual 24-Hour Playwriting Competition invites you to be part of its 2023 edition! This year, the competition returns to the on-site sleepover at Figment Club House, a carefully conserved shophouse in quaint street of Geylang that seamlessly integrates contemporary design and creative functionality with the traditional charm of the archetypal shophouse form. 

In classic competition tradition, the themed element will be revealed on the day of the competition, and various stimuli will be provided throughout the 24 hours, which you will need to incorporate into your script.

For group bookings, please email: 24pwc.tworks@gmail.com

Don’t Fret. Just Write.: Playwriting Workshop By Chong Tze Chien


Saturday, 24 June 2023, 11am–1.30pm & 3pm–5.30pm
@ 72-13, Home of T:>Works

$30 ($15 for competition participants)

Look forward to a playwriting workshop Don’t fret. Just write. by playwright and director Chong Tze Chien! With emerging and new writers in mind, Tze Chien will be sharing strategies to fire the imagination and create space for writing flow.

Father's Womb

Wednesday, 17 June 2023, 8pm
@ 72-13, Home of T:>Works
  • Early Bird: $25
  • General Admission: $30
  • Door Tickets: $35

Bussy Temple, T:>Works’ newest Per°Form CoThink Lab Fellow presents Father’s Womb. A rave with an all queer and gender non-conforming lineup, it wishes to celebrate those who do not find themselves settled on a single identity this pride season.

Rave spaces often lack the opportunity for gathering and encounter before the music begins. Prior to the party, Father’s Womb invites you to The Sanctuary, an immersive space of togetherness for queer ravers to rest, share, and explore queer kinship and rave intimacies. It will provide mirrors, dressing/powdering area, mimimal makeup tools, cushions to rest on, with private toilets available as well.

Bring along any personal items that you are ready to let go of or would like to contribute to The Sanctuary — paintings, writings, letters, photographs, objects. These things will make up the many small shrines around the space.

Energise and bond collectively in a space where trust and care for one another feels firm and unshaken, where queer rituals manifest before the rave in ways that feel safer and comfortable, without judgment.

Doors open at 8pm.

Per°Form Open Academy of Arts and Activations

Thursday–Sunday, 13–16 April 2023
@ 72-13, Home of T:>Works
Per°Form Open Academy of Arts and Activations is the inaugural live gathering of 15 Per°Form Fellows from the Global South — Africa, Arab World, Asia-Pacific, the Caribbean, South America — and its diaspora. These Fellows, intersectional practitioners across diverse disciplines of curation, research, education, visual culture, performance, will present their strategies for activating contexts and communities.

T:>Works 24-Hour Playwriting Competition Tea

Saturday, 4 February 2023, 4pm–6pm
@ 72-13, Home of T:>Works
T:>Works celebrates the winners of the 24-Hour Playwriting Competition 2022 with a gathering of past participants, friends and fellow theatre makers. There will also be staged readings of selected scripts directed by Cherilyn Woo and Noorlinah Mohamed with actors Isabella Chiam, Hang Qian Chou, Al-Matin Yatim, Yazid Jalil, and Ching Shu Yi.

#Metazomia by Brian Gothong Tan

2–20 January 2023
Friday–Sunday: 2pm–10pm
Tuesday–Thursday: 5pm–10pm
@72-13, Home of T:>Works

Tickets: S$23 / S$15 (Students/NSF/Seniors)

  • Timed-entry per half-hour slots, last entry at 9.30pm.
  • Group bookings available.

#Metazomia is a 360° interactive and immersive cinematic experience from the thrilling imagination of award-winning artist Brian Gothong Tan. It is created as an experience of living and playing between worlds – the physical, digital and imagined worlds. 

In the digital world, T:>Works launches T:>NFT, a digital gathering of T:>Works collaborators exploring digital and Web3 technologies as creative platforms. T:>NFT features its inaugural collection with Brian Gothong Tan’s first series of 30 single edition NFTs created in conjunction with his second Artistic Atelier production, #Metazomia.

Artists in Conversation: Brian Gothong Tan and Michael Lee

Saturday, 14 January 2023, 4.30pm–5.30pm
@72-13, Home of T:>Works

Followed by a tour of #Metazomia 
FREE ADMISSION to #Metazomia from 4pm–7pm (in conjunction with talk)

The idea of generative art spawned off the backs of AI has attracted controversy of late. Yet, artists are exploring AI as tools for their artistic work. Brian Gothong Tan, known for his works in theatre, film and large-scale outdoor multi-media installations such as “Tropical Traumas” for the Singapore International Festival of Arts (2016) has done exactly that. For #Metazomia, his recent work for T:>Works Artistic Atelier, he created images entirely with AI. In the process, he generated close to 1,000 images of which less than 100 images are specifically curated for the eventual show, now on at 72-13. Join Brian in conversation artist Michael Lee as they discuss the fascination and challenge with generative art and how AI is harnessed in #Metazomia.

Per°Form Digital Keynote: A Land Imagined: A transnational Framework on Land Reclamation and Labour

Thursday, 22 September 2022, 8pm (SGT/HKT) | 8am (EDT) | 2pm (CEST)
Zoom Webinar

Hosted and Moderated by Dr. Ong Keng Sen

T:>Works features Per°Form Fellow Dr. Jerrine Tan, a researcher, writer and assistant professor in the English department at City University Hong Kong, in the next Per°Form keynote, A Land Imagined: A Transnational Framework on Land Reclamation and Labour. Referencing Yeo Siew Hua’s neo-noir mystery thriller film “A Land Imagined”, as well as Saidiya Hartman’s work on the fungibility of bodies and Lisa Lowe’s writings on immigration and citizenship, Dr Tan brings together a lecture that allegorises the movement of land across bodies of water for the similar movement of indentured labourers. It further unpacks the film’s imaginative and responsible form of transnational assemblage which connects cultures and people not through labour or even soil, but through art. 

Image credits: Akanga Film Asia 

Per°Form Programme - A World of Lines: From Third World Solidarities to Postsocialist Globalism

Saturday, 13 August 2022, 10am–5.30pm
@ 72-13, Home of T:>Works
Registration Fee: S$15 (inclusive of lunch)

Per°Form returns with a one-day discursive programme by Fellow Ho Rui An — A World of Lines: From Third World Solidarities to Postsocialist Globalism.

We invite you to join us for a day of presentations, workshops and focused conversations. Invited speakers working across the fields of artistic, curatorial and historical research will share their research and facilitate a collective process of thinking, amidst the intensification of unresolved Cold War-era tensions, resurgent ethnonationalisms, and widening socioeconomic inequalities that have come to disrupt the lines of labour, technology, and capital in the prevailing global order.

24-Hour Playwriting Competition 2022

Saturday–Sunday, 16–17 July 2022, 11am–11am (24 hours)
Registration fee: S$55 (inclusive of transport to the tour sites and morning tea)

Youth Category: 15–18 years old
Open Category: 19 years and above

The annual 24-Hour Playwriting Competition invites you to its first hybrid edition in 2022!

Kick off your journey with site visits to Green Circle Eco-Farm or Magorium and end the day by completing your scripts in the comfort of your home. Join our Telegram community to stay in touch with us, other participants, and even connect with our mentors/judges to bounce ideas!

In classic competition tradition, the themed element will be revealed on the day of the competition and various stimuli will be provided throughout the 24 hours. See you there!

project SALOME

Friday, 27 May 2022, 8pm
Saturday, 28 May 2022, 2pm & 8pm
Victoria Theatre

A T:>Works (Singapore) production
Conceived, Written and Directed by Ong Keng Sen (Singapore)
In collaboration with Camille Lacadee (Berlin), Elizabeth Mak (Singapore), Heman Chong (Singapore), Janice Koh (Singapore), Kaffe Matthews (Berlin), Michael(a) Daoud (Berlin), and Shahrzad Rahmani (Berlin)

Salome is a larger-than-life character who has from time immemorial horrified and fascinated all. Who is SALOME in our contemporary times, who attempts to transform their position of no-power into some kind of power?

Digital Lecture: Image, Data, Actor: Unpacking Images of Muslim Women By Nurul Huda Rashid

Thursday, 31 March, 8pm (Singapore) / 8am (New York) / 2pm (Berlin)
Zoom Webinar

Moderated by Dr. Ong Keng Sen

T:>Works’ Per°Form continues with its third Fellow, researcher-writer Nurul Huda Rashid, currently pursuing her PhD in Cultural Studies. Her research focuses on images and narratives, visual and sentient bodies, feminisms, and the intersections between them. Her digital lecture, Image, Data, Actor: Unpacking Images of Muslim Women will be moderated by T:>Works’ Artistic Director Dr. Ong Keng Sen.

The Muslim woman has been a consistent subject of representation across regimes of historical colonialism and Orientalism, in events such as the Arab Spring and post-9/11, and mediated widely via news and social media. These have included variegated representations from the odalisque to the ‘oppressed’ which have converged the identity of the Muslim woman to the single image and symbol of the hijab (veil). Spanning across different bodies of work, this lecture will introduce and plot Nurul’s photographic, annotative, and participatory research that has engaged with representations of Muslim women from the daguerreotype to data. These projects will be discussed alongside the medium of photography and the data shift, which transforms the self into data, rendering those in the margins as ‘absent data’. Through self-reflexive means and methods, the context of ‘absent data’ will become the site for artistic explorations and aspire towards a recalibration of Muslim women identities via the role of the Muslim woman as ‘actor’ in rethinking processes of image-making.

How To Break A Window II

Tuesday–Friday, 15–19 February 2022, 7.30pm
Live tickets at $25 each or $50 a pair
Live-stream on Zoom tickets at $10 each

Youth Forum
Friday, 19 February 2022, 3pm

How To Break A Window II is the second showcase of the brilliant winners of the 24-Hour Playwriting Competition. After a mentoring programme, the winners’ productions will be staged in February 2022. How To Break A Window is a nod to the ingenuity of the featured playwrights, who approached the 24-Hour Playwriting Competition’s 2021 stimuli with such pathos and creativity, akin to breaking a window in order to discover a new world.

This year also includes an afternoon focused specifically on young writers aged 18 to 25 years old. Two winning scripts from the 24-Hour Playwriting Competition Youth category will be staged as readings – Effets de soir (Effects of the Evening) by two-time champion Sarah Zafirah and 80s Power Hour by Tania Lam. Alongside the staged readings are presentations of youth writing development and discussions led by Ang Kia Yee. Ang had participated in the same competition, in the youth (2013, 2015) and open (2018) categories, and is now an emerging playwright and artist.

The Swimming Pool Library Exhibition

6–20 January 2022
Tuesday–Saturday: 1pm–8pm
Sunday: 12pm–6pm
@ 72-13, Home of T:>Works

The multi-sensorial exhibition is part of Brian Gothong Tan’s artistic atelier with T:>Works, and is the final chapter of its namesake project. The exhibition is an invitation to audiences to journey with the artist in the making of his works, which includes paper sketches, 3D printed sculptures, 3D film photography, and DIY books that will jigsaw the pieces of Tan’s creative imagery of a boy’s rite of passage, while rethinking conventional definitions of masculinity, queer bodies and representation.

A highlight of the exhibition is a series of ‘live sculptures’ by selected members of the public, presenting a blend of personal and universal experiences in all its diverse ways. At a time where politics divide and social norms collide, these sculptures give us a perspective of diversity as queer communities carve a space for themselves.

There will also be guided tours by members of the queer communities organised during selected dates of the exhibition. The tour will provide a fresh perspective to the exhibition. Each tour guide will share their experiences, melding the historical with the personal, as they traverse and respond to Tan’s exhibition.

T:>Works’ Per°Form returns with Ho Rui An and a critical perspective on the Asian “miracle”

26 November–5 December 2021
Tuesday–Saturday: 12pm–7.30pm
Sunday: 12pm–6pm
@ 72-13, Home of T:>Works

Free admission on hourly timed entries

Asia the Unmiraculous by Ho Rui An (2018–20, 71 min)
The Pelagic Tracts by Shubigi Rao (2018, 25 min)

Ho’s video installation Asia the Unmiraculous seeks to diffuse the aura of a “miraculous” Asia by examining the entirely profane conditions that set the stage for the first large-scale crisis of globalisation. Ho considers the conditions that made possible the “Asianisation” of the miracle and the crisis that followed.

Accompanying the video installation are fourteen digital prints in the style of real estate listings. One such example is a poster detailing the construction of high-speed rail networks as part of China’s ongoing Belt and Road initiative, revealing a juxtaposition when one recalls the history of Chinese immigrants’ labour and involvement in the First Transcontinental Railroad of the United States back in the 1860s.

Hosted in conjunction with Ho’s work, we see a return of Shubigi Rao as she presents her film, The Pelagic Tracts. Shubigi, visual artist, writer, and theorist is no stranger to Per°Form having been its inaugural Fellow presented in May 2021. The Pelagic Tracts brings to focus her concern with lived histories of painful destructions and challenges the way we view what is worthy of preservation. In this film, she charts the history of lost and damaged books through a mythical history of book smugglers who used Kochi as one of their bases. She constructs this mythical world from existing letters and records from the libraries, archives, and her interactions in Kochi with local librarians and paper pulpers, as well as the libraries devastated by floods in 2018.

This is the first time that both works will be exhibited in Singapore.

Per°Form Digital Keynote: From Crisis to Value* by Ho Rui An

Thursday, 25 November 2021
8pm (Singapore) / 11pm (Sydney) / 3.30pm (Tehran) / 1pm (Berlin) / 11am (Cape Verde) / 7am (New York)
Zoom Webinar

After a successful inaugural keynote in May 2021 by Per°Form Fellow Shubigi Rao, T:>Works’ Per°Form returns with a second Fellow, artist and writer Ho Rui An. He will deliver a two-part programme beginning with a digital keynote, From Crisis to Value*. The keynote draws from his in-situ research in multiple Asian countries investigating the effects of globalism on Asian financial capitals. Following the keynote is a video installation of his Asia the Unmiraculous which opens in artspace 72-13, Singapore.

In the digital keynote From Crisis to Value*, Ho discusses his recent and ongoing bodies of work exploring the material networks and geopolitical imaginaries that have animated the regions of East and Southeast Asia. He will guide us through his research trajectory that began with his investigation of the so-called Asian financial crisis of the late nineties, to the political economy of post-reform China, and is now focused on the impact of the pandemic and the new socioeconomic realities it presents us with. Spanning the mediums of performance, film, and installation, the works produced from this research have variously examined the relationship between race and financial capitalism, the student as a figure of capitalist modernity and radical culture, the displacement of class politics by a discourse of anti-corruption amidst the systemic crises of late capitalism, and, most recently, the textile industry and its many afterlives within the Greater China region.

Othering in Gender and Sexuality

10 November 2021–5 January 2022

Talk #1: Negotiating Gender Fluidity, 10 November 2021, 8pm 
with Anthropologist, Ad Maulod, Brand Strategist, Rain Khoo & Digital Marketer and Drag Artist, M Ezekiel

Talk #2: Different/Deviant, 8 December 2021, 8pm
with Alfian Sa’at, Amanda Lee Koe and Carissa Cheow

Talk #3: Coming Out, 5 January 2022, 8pm
with Alan Seah, Prashant Somosundram, Yensuthantharasenan and Zuby Euso

Bridging the performance with the exhibition are the conversations on “Othering in Gender and Sexuality” with invited speakers, artists and advocates from the LGBTQ+ communities. We engage in intimate and open dialogue, and raise questions on expected ways of behaving, representing, as well as belonging to a community as well as society. Each conversation identifies a specific knotty issue on othering that heightens the complexities of identities where society’s sexual and gender labels do not apply.

The Swimming Pool Library

Thursday–Sunday: 28–31 October 2021, 8pm
Saturday: 30 October 2021, 3pm & 8pm
@ 72-13, Home of T:>Works / Virtual Performance

Reflecting an unconventional rite of passage where society’s labels of gender and sexuality may not necessarily apply, The Swimming Pool Library is an immersive, multi-sensorial production that looks at the relevance of society’s definitions of masculinity, and explores how feminine traits such as tenderness, kindness and vulnerability can also be part of masculine identity.

The Digital Young Curators Academy (YCA)

The digital Young Curators Academy (YCA) is here! The digital YCA is an artistic and activist platform to discover alliances, research affinities, and consolidate solidarities. Starting from 10 August, the extensive digital programme of lectures, videos and discussions will be open to everyone.

Festival of Women: N.O.W. (July 2021)

13–31 July 2021
Online / @ 72-13, Home of T:>Works

This July, N.O.W. 2021 returns as a completely digital experience for the second time. This year, N.O.W. promises to be a unique gathering in the online space, as each event is designed with the aim of creating an environment for communality: the spirit of convivial gathering, and of being together within a shared digital space. Explore the different facets of the taboo and the experiences of women who have transgressed, embraced their fears, and got to the heart of intimacy.

Open Call: Digital Young Curators Academy 2021

The open call for the Digital Young Curators Academy (DYCA) 2021 is now on! DYCA 2021 is an artistic and activist platform for discovering alliances, exploring affinities, and consolidating solidarities in the course of the 5th Berlin Autumn Salon at Maxim Gorki Theatre Berlin.

Per°Form Inaugural Digital Lecture by Shubigi Rao

Sunday, 6 May 2021, 8pm (SGT) / 2pm (CET) / 8am (EDT)
Zoom Webinar

Per°Form begins with the inaugural digital lecture by artist Shubigi Rao on 6 May 2021. The lecture will focus on three main areas of Shubigi’s practice — as a writer, an artist, and as an artist-curator for the 5th edition of the Kochi-Muziris Biennale 2021, and the overlaps and tensions between them.

T:>Works 2021/2022

T:>Works is excited to share our 2021/2022 season!

+ Share knowledges with the inaugural digital lecture of our fellowship programme Per°Form
+ Engage with art history with our T:>Archive
+ Be inspired by the third iteration of Festival of Women N.O.W. 2021
+ Witness the new wave of digital playwriting with our 24-Hour Playwriting Competition

How To Break A Window

Wednesday–Saturday, 16–19 December 2020
@ 72-13, Home of T:>Works / Zoom 

From 16–19 December 2020, T:>Works presents How To Break A Window. Expect a series of digital and hybrid productions, live staged readings and conversations on digital performance, featuring the brilliant winners of the 24-Hour Playwriting Competition 2020.

Announcing the Winners of 24-Hour Playwriting Competition 2020

In July 2020, our 24-Hour Playwriting Competition premiered its first digital edition on Zoom, with over 80 participants gamely taking on the challenge of writing a performance piece for the virtual stage in 24 hours. After much deliberation, we are now ready to announce the winners of this year’s 24-Hour Playwriting Competition!

Festival of Women: N.O.W. (July 2020)

15 July–2 August 2020
Virtual Performance

N.O.W. 2020 returns in July as the first virtual performance. Undaunted by the pandemic which has disrupted many industries including the arts, N.O.W. reclaims the space to unite the public with new creations. Catch N.O.W. 2020 from 15 July to 2 August.

Curating No-Thing

A Series of Four Lectures: 19, 21, 26 & 28 May 2020, 7pm (SGT) / 11am (GMT)
Consultations and Clinics: 9, 11, 16 & 18 June 2020, 7pm (SGT) / 11am (GMT)
Zoom Webinar

In May, T:>Works initiates its first virtual event, a series of alternative training and a shared space led by its Artistic Director, Dr. Ong Keng Sen for The Curators Academy. Titled Curating No-thing, it is the first thought leadership programme by an arts company. This programme looks at activating one’s communities through art and rethinking our relationships with money and production. Beginning with lectures, the series will culminate with consultations and clinics in June 2020.

Individuals who are interested in becoming or who are already: artistic directors, artists, arts engagement facilitators, producers, arts managers, freelancers, writers, journalists, educators, festival directors and of course curators are welcome to participate.

“I never use the term programmer as I would like to think you are a curator and I hope you can own your work, or your institution can embrace the reality of what you do.”

– Dr. Ong Keng Sen

Please confirm below to redeem this title with your T:>Digital Credits