“Live performance is about gathering: coming together to reflect, to emote, to experience, to meditate in a sacred space and time. However to gather… is also to put your arms around someone and hold or carry them in a careful or loving way. Now in these tough times, we need to sustain a different gathering of arts audiences and artists, to hold or carry them in a careful or loving way.”

– Dr. Ong Keng Sen

Building on 37 years of legacy, T:>Works constantly identifies new ways to evolve, develop ourselves and grow the ground differently – from staging adaptations of Western classics, to advancing playwriting through its long-running Writer’s Lab programmes, to championing the Singaporean narrative, to its mission in pioneering thought leadership in the arts focused on transdisciplinary, transcultural, and inclusive processes. As one of Singapore’s leading independent arts companies, we harness our unique positioning to pioneer and embrace distinct, innovative practices within Singapore and internationally. We are committed to taking the long view to create new platforms for artists and projects to thrive.

T:>Works is moving forward post-pandemic with a host of new capabilities that we have developed and programmes that continue to engage with our communities digitally and in person. These include the platform T:>Digital, our digital library for creations that emerged due to the necessity of digitisation, featuring hybrid productions, lectures and programmes from Per°Form digital keynote series, Dr Ong’s Curating No-thing lectures, and Per°Form Open Academy of Arts and Activations. T:>Works also supports mid-career artists with the T:>Works Artistic Atelier, where we commit our artistry, engagement resources and intellectual care to supporting an artist over a significant time period.

If you are in a position to give, we appeal to you to consider donating to enable us to create the works we aim to do for our communities.

As T:>Works is an Institute of Public Character (IPC), your donation to us will enjoy 250% tax deduction. In addition, your donation will be eligible for the dollar-for-dollar matching under the MCCY Cultural Matching Fund, essentially doubling your support to us.

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