Per°Form CoThink Lab

Postcritical Spirituality: Pecha Kucha + Community Mixer

Critical Spirituality, a programme series examining the place(s) of the spiritual in the contemporary world, by Per°Form CoThink Lab Fellow Opens and invited artists, academics, and activists.

Lethal Fantasies: Chrysalis

A Lethal Fantasies initiative presented by T:>Works’ Per°Form CoThink Lab Fellow Bussy Temple, exploring aspects of femininity beyond power and seduction with femme and nonbinary DJs and artists.

Critical Spirituality Series - Ecstatic Initiations: Sound Through Shamanism

Workshop-presentation by  Arunditha Emmanuel discussing role of sound in shamanism and its possible intersections , concluded with an intuitive sound performance-demonstration in collaboration with Anise.

Father’s Womb

An all queer and gender non-conforming lineup rave presented by T:>Works’ Per°Form CoThink Lab Fellow Bussy Temple, celebrating those not settling on a single identity.

A Land Imagined: A Transnational Framework on Land Reclamation and Labour

A digital lecture by Dr Jerrine Tan that allegorises the movement of land across bodies of water for the similar movement of indentured labourers.

A World of Lines: From Third World Solidarities to Postsocialist Globalism

A one-day discursive programme organised and curated by artist, writer, and Per°Form Fellow Ho Rui An, exploring the shifting geopolitical imaginaries within what was known as the Third World.

Image, Data, Actor: Unpacking Images of Muslim Women

A digital lecture by Nurul Huda Rashid that introduces and plots her photographic, annotative, and participatory research that engaged with representations of Muslim women from the daguerreotype to data.

Exhibition: Ho Rui An & Shubigi Rao

An exhibition presenting Ho Rui An’s video installation “Asia the Unmiraculous” and Shubigi Rao’s film “The Pelagic Tracts”.

From Crisis to Value*

A digital keynote by Ho Rui An that draws from his in-situ research in multiple Asian countries investigating the effects of globalism on Asian financial capitals.

Per°Form Inaugural Digital Lecture by Shubigi Rao

Per°Form‘s inaugural digital lecture by Shubigi Rao focusing on three main areas of Shubigi’s practice – as a writer, an artist, and as an artist-curator Kochi-Muziris Biennale 2021.

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