Exploring Human Relationships

Exploring Human Relationships is a digital production package designed for students in secondary schools and post-secondary education. It includes the twin-productions Tadka and The Correspondence, which are two winning plays from the 24-Hour Playwriting Competition in 2020, and a post-screening discussion guide with suggested talking points and activities.

In each production, characters negotiate the tension of managing familial and societal expectations, while asserting their own perspective and identity. Exploring Human Relationships invites students to critically engage in conversations surrounding skills and competencies that are needed to thrive in this fast-changing world. These skills include managing healthy relationships with one’s loved ones, developing responsible decision-making skills, and demonstrating resilience in the face of adversity. Add-on workshops led by teaching artists, including a post-screening talk, and a thematic playwriting workshop are also available for booking.

Tadka is the story of when life gets in the way. Geeta tries to create a space for herself while she settles into her new life in Singapore. While trying to teach the recipe for her chicken curry, she has to contend with multiple other demands on her time, with distractions forcing her to confront new realities, while also revisiting some beloved memories. 

The Correspondence surrounds the fraught relationship between the protagonist, Hal, and his father Adam. Juggling familial expectations and a personal transition into adulthood, Hal struggles to understand his father, who he slowly finds to be strangely similar to himself. Upon receiving news of his father’s death, the young man is confronted with unfinished business in the midst of disconcerting grief. Presented through a series of memories and a non-linear timeline, Hal attempts to reconcile his perception of his father with his own difficult reality. The Correspondence delivers a powerful message on the difficulty of forgiveness and acceptance, in a time when such conclusions are not easily reached.

For more information and bookings, please email education.tworks@gmail.com or contact T:>Works at +65 6737 7213.

The Light Within

T:>Works presents The Light Within, a new digital series on mental wellness for youths, commissioned by the South East Community Development Council. The digital series is best suited for youths in secondary school and post-secondary education.

The Light Within is a new digital series that focuses on mental wellness for and with youths. It comprises two digital productions, Sensitive and Sleepover, and pre/post screening discussion and activities. Each production places youths at the heart of the narrative and unpacks multiple perspectives on mental health. The programme aims to raise awareness, remove stigma, and promote mental well-being amongst youths by creating conversations about mental health through the use of digital productions. The two digital productions are Sensitive, a play written by Ahmad Musta’ain and directed into a digital production by acclaimed filmmaker K. Rajagopal. The second is Sleepover, a short animation by animator/artist Jerrold Chong. These two productions touch on pertinent mental health issues faced by youths and explore ways in which friends, loved ones and those around them may lend support, care and comfort. The programme includes a resource guide for teachers to facilitate post-show discussion.

Teacher Training for The Light Within

The Light Within teacher training is a recommended workshop for teachers planning to facilitate The Light Within programme. The workshop prepares teachers to facilitate the programme and develop tools for well-being and self-care in the classroom and educational environment.

For more information and bookings, please email education.tworks@gmail.com or contact T:>Works at +65 6737 7213. 

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