T:>Works Presents a New Commission: 
#Metazomia By Brian Gothong Tan

Gone forever
A good place no place
A dream unrealisable
An idea of a past or future unattainable

#Metazomia is a 360° interactive and immersive cinematic experience from the thrilling imagination of award-winning artist Brian Gothong Tan. It is created as an experience of living and playing between worlds – the physical, digital and imagined worlds.

In the digital world, T:>Works releases a specially curated 1/1s #Metazomia NFT generated by Tan as the second commission of the Artistic Atelier season. There are 30 unique art works available on T:>NFT, a digital gathering of T:>Works collaborators exploring digital and Web3 technologies as creative platforms.

Beware maps that give directions to Utopia.
Beware hitchhikers who tell you how to get to Utopia via a short cut. It’s best to travel alone and small talk gets wearing.

Beware booksellers who try to sell you books in the colour red. You won’t find Utopia in there. And… a revolution is a dinner party.  

#Metazomia NFT

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In the physical world, #Metazomia is a brilliant manifestation inspired by James C. Scott’s 2009 Zomia hypothesis as well as the writings and ideas of Satoshi Nakamoto and the ideals of Bitcoin creation. In both, Tan sees parallels with his own interest in considering alternative ways of living, relating and governing.

Resisting the clichés of utopian-dystopian binary of imagined futures, Tan’s #Metazomia re-imagines what alternate worlds may be. He spins off illustrative genres such as cypherpunk, solarpunk and desertpunk. He harnesses history, literature, popular culture, film and digitality to playfully critique and comment on reality and the desires for alternatives. In doing so, Tan creates a non-state reality that reflexively looks back at proposals of better futures.

#Metazomia transforms 72-13 into a visual performance where the audience is invited into this world as actors. From the point of entry to when they leave, audience decides their experience. There are interactive circles from which they activate the digital images to experience independently. Or they could work collectively with other audience members to trigger the entire suite of images as a total experience.

Silent Auction

The auction closed on 18 November. Thereafter, they were minted on Foundation.app in December 2022.

8–18 November 2022
30 single edition #Metazomia NFT

Be the first to own a single edition #Metazomia NFT by Brian Gothong Tan and support T:>Works and its Artistic Atelier programme.

Building on a 37-year legacy, T:>Works identifies new ways to evolve, develop ourselves and grow the ground differently. The Artistic Atelier enables T:>Works to commit our artistry, care, and resources to mid-career artists like Brian Gothong Tan. The launch of T:>NFT and release of the #Metazomia NFT is a testament to the company’s innovative spirit, enduring engagement with digitality and furthers T:>Works pioneering of thought leadership in the arts.

The 30 #Metazomia NFTs are part of the larger collection of still and moving images drawn from the on-site #Metazomia production that will be staged at 72-13. The production will premiere on 31 December 2022 and ring in the new year of 2023. Drawing inspirations from Zomia and the mythic creation of Bitcoin, Tan creates an alternative world, nourished by curiosity. Audience enters, travels into the bowels of history, pop culture and itinerant memorabilia of imagined worlds. Eschewing utopia-dystopia binaries, Tan marries his theatre and filmic sensibilities with generative A.I. technology, offering a playful commentary on our desires for alternate realities.

#Metazomia NFT
Details at www.tworksnft.com

View the #Metazomia e-programme here.

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