Artistic Directors Academy (ADA)

March–April 2024: Open Call
June 2024–March 2025: Programme

Artistic Directors Academy (ADA) is an exciting opportunity and open to aspiring and existing individuals facilitating the content of, producing for, or dramaturging, any or more of the following:

  • creative platforms, collectives (including visual arts), performance groups, arts education, archives (including film/moving image), discourse networks;
  • community engagement projects; and
  • exhibition spaces, interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary arts centres; 
  • and those who are potentially interested in becoming curators, directors, producers, dramaturgs, and programmers of festivals – literary, film, visual culture, sound & music, traditional arts, design & architecture, digital, arts festivals (small & large scale, outdoors & indoors, local & international).
Successful applicants for full participation, will receive a fellowship of S$5,000 to support their fees. Terms and conditions apply.

About the Academy

The Artistic Directors Academy (ADA) is a training hothouse to develop Artistic Directors in Singapore. The programme is intended to train up to 10 Artistic Directors over one year from April 2024 to March 2025. It will tap into international cultural changemakers helming masterclass modules, with individual mentoring to sharpen and intensify skillsets. Each participant will have an international and a Singaporean mentor. There will be a final public presentation in March 2025 by the 10 participants about “The people cultures of a national theatre.” The Theatre in this case is defined as a public forum which is not just limited to theatre productions.

The training participants will be supervised and directed by Artistic Director, Dr. Ong Keng Sen who has worked internationally since 1992. The Artistic Directors Academy (ADA) focuses on giving perspectives to existing and potential Artistic Directors who wish to facilitate creative platforms, collectives, engagement projects, companies, venues, and festivals. ADA is a curriculum-based capacity development project where T:>Works will share its immense skills in the international field, translating international developments to artistic positions in the local context, and therefore opening up creative avenues internationally whilst being based locally.

Masterclasses include:

  • Urban (Re)Development (28 June – 6 July 2024)
  • Gender and Sexuality
  • Nature & the Environment: Ecologies and Sustainabilities

How to participate in ADA

Full participation of one year (low residency)
Through an open call, participants will be selected to be in the inaugural edition of the Academy, to commit to participating in lectures and discussions, receiving individual mentoring, and working on a research project to be shared at the final presentation in March 2025.

Low residency participation means that the participant need only be in Singapore, with live presence, during the 5 masterclass modules (approximately 45 days distributed over the year) and the final presentation in March 2025.

Module-based participation
Masterclass modules will be open for paying participation by interested members of discourse, cultural, design, arts, scientific, and adjacent professions/industries.

Free Public participation
Select conversations and talks will be made available.

Participant Fees

ADA is approved for SkillsFuture Credit eligibility.

Full participants: S$7,000
(Inclusive of all modules, mentoring, and final presentation costs)

Successful applicants for full participation, will receive a fellowship of S$5,000 to support their fees. Terms and conditions apply.

Module-based: S$1,000 per module

Open Call

Open call for ADA participants from now until 30 April 2024, 23:59 (SGT).

Please apply with a bio and a one A4 page motivation letter addressed to

For further enquiries please write to:

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