T:>Works is proud to be a collaborator and supporter of Digital Young Curators Academy (DYCA) 2021, which is the DIGITAL edition of the ground-breaking Young Curators Academy.

A collaboration of T:>Works Curators Academy and Maxim Gorki Theater Berlin, DYCA 2021 is an artistic and activist platform for discovering alliances, exploring affinities, and consolidating solidarities in the course of the 5th Berlin Autumn Salon at Maxim Gorki Theater Berlin.

The 2021 digital edition is open to individuals, makers, activators from all over the world. Participants will be involved in lectures, collaborative workshops, discussions, culminating in thought pieces on transforming the world and communities beyond the pandemic. In line with its open access ethos, the complete digital archive of DYCA participants, after live streaming, will be made available online thereafter.

Learn more about the programme here.

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