N.O.W. (2019–2021) is a festival initiated by theatre artist and arts educator Noorlinah Mohamed, focused on celebrating women creators, thinkers, and change-makers, and their approach to making a difference. Led by women and supported by women-led production, technical and administrative teams, N.O.W. made visible multifaceted and capable women, their voices and their not ordinary work. From performance to film, music to visual arts, workshops to talks, N.O.W. spotlighted Noorlinah’s processes, thoughts, and creative direction. Experimental, deliciously weird, and yes, fun, these works explored the conversations women creators and thinkers have with the world – and each other.


  • First iteration 2019
  • Second iteration 2020 (Digital Edition)
  • Third iteration 2021 (Digital Edition)
Learn more at notordinarywork.com.

N.O.W. 2021

This July, N.O.W. 2021 returns as a completely digital experience for the second time. This year, N.O.W. promises to be a unique gathering in the online space, as each event is designed with the aim of creating an environment for communality: the spirit of convivial gathering, and of being together within a shared digital space. Explore the different facets of the taboo and the experiences of women who have transgressed, embraced their fears, and got to the heart of intimacy.

Read the press release here.


N.O.W. 2020

N.O.W. 2020 returns in July as the first virtual performance. Undaunted by the pandemic which has disrupted many industries including the arts, N.O.W. reclaims the space to unite the public with new creations. Catch N.O.W. 2020 from 15 July to 2 August.

Read the press release here.

N.O.W. 2019

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